When Is the Best Time to Get Your Roofing Done?


Roof repair works are as essential as they are tricky. Well, if you have a leaky roof in the middle of a monsoon storm, it does not leave you with much of a choice but to get it fixed then and there. But, let us assume that you have a little more control than that. Then what? For how long can you afford to wait and what is the best time of the year to get your roof sorted?

Here are a few advantages that will convince you of the same:

Budget Friendly – Getting your roof done during the slack season can turn out to be pocket friendly. Because, the fall months make it mandatory to get your roof fixed immediately, leaving no room for negotiation. Plus, it will be challenging to deal with the rains on one hand and cater to roof repairs on the other, and the fact that it will take more effort may mean that you will have to pay somewhere between 30 to 40 percent more.

Work on Time– The April to June months are when roof fixing companies are readily looking for contracts. Apart from off-season discount, you will also get the work done on time. But let us say you wait out a couple more months to get your roof fixing done, you might have to wait for some time (and endure a few storms) before you find a company who will take up your contract. They will be in high demand during the fall and your roof will simply have to fall in line among other contracts.

Detailed and Quality Work– With the rush of the fall months, you can hardly blame your contractor for trying to finish your roof work as soon as they possibly can. They have several more projects lined up as yours is not the only roof in Phoenix that requires repair work. Also, home owners are desperate during this time to get repairs done and soon, so you can hardly strike a bargain for good, effective and quality repair work that will keep your roof in good shape and put you at ease. However, in the pre-monsoon lull, you don’t have to worry about these things as your contractor will not try to rush you through, for sure!

So buckle up and don’t put your roof repair work away for even one more day. Who knows when the first monsoon storm will sneak up on you, and things will get bad to worse in no time, leaving your home and valuable belongings at the mercy of a Phoenix roof repairer who might take all the time in the world before they can cater to you.

A closer look at the rainfall graph in Phoenix over the last few decades may hold the answer for you. Don’t worry; the months that receive the least rainfalls (April, May, and June) are the best time to get Phoenix roofing  done.

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