Things to know about Master Key System


Master Key System ensures enhanced security and can be operated only by authorised people.

A master key has the ability to unlock several different locks. However, each lock can have a different key associated with it. For example, in an apartment 101’s key cannot open 102’s lock, but a master key can open both 101 and 102 locks and all the other locks in the building. In case of an independent home, a master key can have access to all the doors at home. Like the bedroom, living room, garage etc. But, all these doors can have a separate key for itself. To find out if your home or an apartment is on the Master key system, check with the concerned building authorities or property owners.

Overview of Master Key System 

There are different levels or different degrees which make up a Master Key system. Take a look at the below list:

  • Grand Master Key – is the master key or principle key which has access to all other locks in the system. For example, Landlord or building owner can use a single key to operate all the apartments or rooms in a single dwelling.
  • Sub-master Key – is a level lower to the Grand Master Key. This key assures access to a limited number of locks in the system. For example, this can be handed over to department authorities to ensure access only to that particular department or block.
  • Maintenance keys – is a level lower than the sub-master key. This key is mainly for the maintenance staff or managers to access storerooms, bathrooms, kitchens and many more.

Advantages of Master Key System

Some of the major benefits of Master key systems include different levels of control, Use of a single key to reduce the confusion of multiple keys, restricted access to specific areas. Master Key System is beneficial for huge properties like hotels, schools, retail stores, apartment blocks, offices and schools.

Disadvantages of Master Key System

A lost master key can be catastrophic. It can lead to a theft or crime. Hence, an enhanced security measures need to be in place for tracking master key systems. At the same time, master keys should be safeguarded in proper hands.

Master Key operation and tracking

All of the restricted keys consist of the key control program which carries a unique serial number. This helps to identify the individual key for the locking system. Key control software assists in tracking all the keys in the master key system.

The basic operation of master keys involves inserting a master pin inside a cylindrical lock. This ensures the security of the lock and makes it easy to pick or to manipulate. Some of the different types of locks available in the market are – cylindrical locks with padlocks, blind turns, threaded, rims etc – intended to perform different operations like anti-drill, anti-barricade, classroom function etc.

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