Things to consider before choosing a rug for your home


A rug is something that adds a statement to your room. Be it handmade, wool or silk, they require significant investment and hence you should consider a lot of factors before buying a rug that fits into your requirements. Today we are going to share a couple of those factors. Here we go.



Rugs are made out of different types of fibers and each one is different in its own way. Silk is considered to be the most expensive of it all. It can also be spun very finely and is fire resistant too. If you have a big budget then a silk rug would be the best choice. But in case your budget is not that big then you can go for viscose rug. It offers almost the same smoothness of that of silk. But one drawback is that it cannot resists stains easily. If stain resistance is something that you are looking for as a dominant parameter while buying a rug, wool is the best choice. It is also a good insulator. You can also buy rugs that are a blend of both silk and wool. This will give you smoothness of silk along with stain resistance quality of wool.


The room where you plan to place it

The type and design of the rug you choose must fit into the requirements of the room you want to put it. For example, if you are choosing a rug for a family room you might need only a small one that can accommodate your coffee table in that space. But if it’s for a dining room then you might want the table and all chairs on the rug and hence the rug must be bigger. This means you need to plan where you need to put the rug and then buy it accordingly.


Cleaning and maintenance

A rug requires constant cleaning and maintenance. Though the dust can be removed by gently sweeping the rug, certain stains can’t be removed that easily and effectively. Usually, this is done with the help of professional cleaning services. To make things easier always find a good spot to deploy your rug before buying it. Most people would go for spots that are not often walked upon to avoid the rug getting dirty.



Since every accessory you use in your room determines the mood and ambiance of the same, it’s very important to choose a rug with the right color. Make sure the color of the rug and the furniture in your rooms sync with each other. Otherwise, it would make your room look odd.



Well, rugs come in a variety of patterns and you should ensure that the pattern of the rug you choose gets along with your style and personality. This in totality depends upon the design and arrangement of the room as well. So when you go shopping for a rug for a particular room, go for something that compliments the room as well the style of the person who lives in there. You can get to know more about all these by visiting

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