Quick and effective ways of maintaining commercial catering equipment


Most people perceive a commercial kitchen as the place where mouthwatering dishes are cooked up and served with the best garnishing. In order to ensure that you serve the best quality food and are known for cleanliness and hygiene, it is important to maintain the commercial catering equipment in the best condition. Although this is easier said than done, there are a few quick and effective ways you can achieve it.

Managing your catering equipment in the best condition will ensure that you reduce the frequency of calling the technicians and save up on the cost of replacing the equipment. Catering equipment does not come cheap and if not maintained in the best condition, it will require replacement from time to time.

Clean the strategic equipment daily

Equipment that you use on a daily basis should be cleaned before and after the shift. This includes the cutting boards, cleaning rags and the grill. You can wash the cutting board, brush the grill before and after cooking and clean the rags by sanitizing with water. Empty the sanitizing buckets every day and clean the steam table.

Clean technical equipment weekly

Certain catering equipment will be used on a daily basis while some equipment will be used only once in a week. It is important to clean the equipment atleast once a week. This includes the coffee vending machine, dish washers, coolers, drain, and oil cast iron cooking utensils, knives and ovens. It is not possible to clean the equipment on a daily basis; hence a weekly schedule should be set. You can sanitize coolers, sharpen knives and clean the coffee machine and oven as per the instructions of the manufacturer. Set aside a day in the week when there is lower work load and you can pay attention to the equipment that needs maintenance.

Clean rarely used equipment monthly

Set your cleaning schedule based on the use of equipment. There will be certain catering equipment which will be used only once a month. This includes equipment like ice machines, pest traps, oven thermometer, fridge and freezers. This cleaning can be done any time in the month. The ice machine and pest traps can be cleaned with ease. The space behind an oven and stoves should be washed in order to remove the grease. Cleanliness is not restricted to the cleaning of equipment. You need to ensure that the entire kitchen is clean and hygienic. For this, you need to wash walls and ceilings from time to time.

Lastly, there are certain aspects in the kitchen that need attention atleast once in a year. This includes the hood on the oven, fire extinguishers, pilot lights and the fire system. Pay attention to them from time to time. The experts at https://www.expertrepairs.com.au/ultimate-guide-cleaning-maintaining-commercial-catering-equipment/ will provide you complete cleaning solutions and will help you maintain the equipment in their best condition. The skilled technical team will ensure that your equipment functions in the most effective manner and is thoroughly cleaned.

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