Modern Home Office Designs – Everything You Should Know


We live in a century where technology gives people the freedom to work from home. Compared to working in an office, working from home gives you more comfort and flexibility. Building an office space or office unit in your home is now becoming a necessity considering how convenient it is to work from home. Setting up a home office also makes sense when you are in the habit of taking home a certain amount of work or if you prefer to work during the weekends. While some of the house owners prefer to turn the available space or an extra room into an office area most of the new house owners include a separate home office room in their home plans. Most of them are looking for a home office design that’s inspiring, creative with a bit of personal touch. It would always be best to consider a few things before setting up your home office.

Planning your home office

What do you have in mind when you are planning a home office? The way you set up your home office can vary depending on your profession like for example a graphic designer, an architect, a writer or an editor. Another factor to be considered is the space available. You might have to add in extra furniture if you are planning to host clients or you have co-workers.

Home Offices can be classified into:

The nook

It’s your own personalised corner that’s ideal in form and function. Since it’s a confined space it’s not suitable if you are planning to have co-workers or host clients.

The shared space

This is the most common way of creating an office space by changing a part of your home. It could be a library, a guest bed room or a garage.

The proper home office

An entire room in your home that’s aptly furnished to be used as an office space is a proper home office. This space allows you to have co-workers and host clients if necessary.  You can also work peacefully.

Things to be considered while setting up a home office

While setting up your home office you need think of the required furniture, apt colours, good lighting and electronic gadgets that are necessary.


Take time to select the most suitable chair for you because that’s going to have an impact on your posture and decide on how comfortable you are while working.  Select additional chairs if you have co-workers and guest chairs in case you are planning to host clients. You can decide on a desk depending on how you plan to use it and the available space.


Lighting and colours

A well-lighted office space helps reduce stress, maintain a cheerful atmosphere and keeps all things in sight. Colours have a way of affecting your productivity. Make sure you choose the apt colours for your office space.  Planning to set up a modern home office? You can click here for ideas on a modern home office.

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