Important Electrical Tools for an Electrician


Every electrician should own the right set of electrical tools as a safety measure. There are a different set of tools like safety tools, diagnostic tools, functional tools etc. Investing in good branded tools can assure endurance and longevity of these tools. Take a look at some of the important tools listed below:

1.    Electric safety tools

When you are working in the field of electricity, it is imperative to carry proper safety tools to avoid disasters.

Lights – One need to switch off the main power connection when trying to fix power problems. Hence, an electrician should carry a flashlight to help him do the work easily. Flashlights are available in different sizes from pocket size to large size. One of the best tools recommended is the head-mounted flashlight which can be of great use to work amidst the dark and tangled wires.

Ladder – A non-conductive ladder like wooden ladder or fiberglass ladder can be a perfect choice to reach out to outdoor or indoor fixtures and wires. Keep in mind to avoid metal ladders as they are good conductors of electricity.

Personal gear – Electrician should wear proper personal gear like rubber insulating gloves or leather gloves to protect against electric shocks, scrapes, cuts and other injuries. The other gears include glasses, protective hat, side shield, rubber shoes, etc.

2.    Diagnostic tools

The most important tool in electrician’s toolkit is Diagnostic tools. They help you figure out the problem area to work on it accordingly.

Testers – These are used to test if the power is on or off and they also measure the power flow. Some of the diagnostic tools include voltage detectors, test probe, wire testers, etc.

Measuring tools – These tools help in finding the wires in the ceilings and walls. For example, Stud finder is a great tool to help you locate the set of hidden wires. A tape measure is also useful to measure the length, height, depth of wires.

3.    Functional tools

Electrician certainly needs the help of hand tools like power tools. Cordless power tools can be the perfect choice to work without interruption. Investing in rubber gripped hand tools can protect from electric shocks.

Cutting tools – Electrician work with wires and might need to cut through wires or walls. Hence, wire cutting tools like wire cutters, wire strippers can be greatly beneficial. To cut through the walls tools like small hacksaws, large power saws etc can be used.

Wrenches – Electrician needs to manipulate electrical objects like the wires, nuts and bolts. Wrenches with a good grip can be effective to serve the purpose.

Pliers – Pliers with proper grip heads, lengths and shapes can be used while working with wires. Some of the different types of pliers are Needle-nose pliers, Linesman’s pliers, Lock pliers etc.

Hammers and Screwdrivers – Power hammers, large hammers or small hammers can be used to assist in various electrical operations. Screwdrivers can be used to fix the screws in the electric boxes and electric fixtures.

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