How to Give Your City Home a Rustic Finish


If you live in the city, you may long for the rustic charm that countryside properties often have, but even if you live in a modern property there are ways to introduce elements of this into your home. Small touches can make all the difference – read our guide to giving your property that rustic touch.


In rustic country properties, you’ll often find pastel shades and florals, and you can echo this in your own home by keeping the walls muted. A magnolia or cream shade is ideal for the walls, while you might decide to make one face of a room a real feature by papering it with a floral design.

Another traditional element of countryside properties is visible beams, and you could have some added if this is the sort of look you crave in your home. Wood in general does tend to feature in rustic homes, so you could introduce this later on in through other elements, such as stripping back floor coverings in the kitchen to reveal the wooden boards.


In terms of furniture, again, wood is an element that should feature. In the dining room, you could invest in a pine table and chairs with painted white areas like the table legs and the chair backs for a shabby chic appearance, adding floral seat cushions to each chair to complete the look.

Traditional looking sofas and armchairs are best for creating a rustic appearance, and antiques also work well – especially if they don’t match. You might pick up an old upholstered chair with wooden arms and legs in a charity shop, for example, or find an old-style sofa on an auction website and position the two items facing an open fireplace (if you have one). If you don’t have an open fire, this might be something you want to introduce, as it’s pretty standard in countryside properties.

You can also create a rustic look in the kitchen with a birch wood floors and wooden painted units, while adding pots of herbs on the window sill if you haven’t got much of a garden is a great way to bring a little of the outdoors in. The bathroom, meanwhile, should have a traditional look with a classic suite that incorporates brass elements like taps – take a look at the traditional bathroom suites online from


If you don’t want to completely apply the rustic trend to your property, a good way to incorporate elements is to invest in some rustic storage solutions. In the dining room, you might choose to install a freestanding wooden dresser painted in an eggshell blue or white. It doesn’t matter if there are scuff marks on the dresser, as this will add to the overall shabby chic appearance.

Other areas of the house where you could add rustic storage solutions include the hallway, where you could install a wooden shoe rack or place an antique hall stand, while wicker boxes and baskets can be useful for toiletries, magazines and toys. Meanwhile, old-fashioned wooden blanket chests at the foot of the bed can also add to a rustic ambience.


The finishing touches can really cement a running theme, or add elements to a space you don’t want to be wholly taken over by a trend. To add rustic details, consider dotting pictures of family and friends around your home in pastel-coloured wooden frames, hanging sprigs of dried herbs in the kitchen and investing in table cloths for the dining table. Small things like a slate chopping board or wooden crates for the kitchen can add earthy elements, while tin caddies can add a retro, rustic feel.

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