How to Create an Interesting Laundry Room for You Home


At most times, homes with or without a washing machine or dryer unit to boast of have to rely on specially created laundry room spaces, however big or small they may be. The same rings true for residential spaces that have cozy corners, attic spaces or a basement room for taking care of laundry, folding of dry clothes, ironing, and other odd jobs. In case you have a congested or petite looking laundry room to work in, you would definitely know the challenges that come in the way of working with small-space storage.


However, just because you fail to have the luxury of a big enough laundry room, you need not feel deprived or give up on your passion of including smart storage ideas in the space allocated for your laundry. Just don your creative cap and start working on some of the under mentioned ideas to cast a spell with your innovative storage ideas. Read on to know a little more about some of our most-utilized laundry room hacks.


Wall Storage that Holds Laundry Supplies


Do you have empty walls that are vying for attention in your tiny laundry area? Forget about adorning them with some favorite paintings or other types of artwork. Rather, think of smart means of utilizing the same walls for hanging or stacking your laundry utilities. The idea is to utilize every inch of available space to arrange or store your necessities. For instance, you may like to add a hanging wire laundry storage rack for keeping dryer sheets, detergents, or those sad-looking orphan socks that are still waiting get united with their mates. In addition, you may have some hooks set on the walls to double up as drying spaces for your lingerie and other small pieces of clothing.


Ladder like drying rack that reaches the ceiling


Once you have taken up all the free wall space, you need to look elsewhere for more drying and storage solutions. What about the ceiling of your small laundry room? The ceiling space is one of the oft-overlooked area of any room, including your laundry space, and can be fitfully utilized to enhance the overall storage capacity of the same. For example, the ceiling of the space allocated for your laundry purposes can work out to be just right for something as useful as a drying rack.


You may want to invest in a simple-looking ladder-like rack that can be suspended from the ceiling with the help of chains. This unique clothes drying rack would serve as a helpful aid for drying clothes or hanging the ones that have been ironed and are waiting to be stacked away neatly. In case your laundry includes a lot of hand washing then you can utilize the ladder drying rack for hanging the delicate items that cannot go into the dryer. This smart investment will go a long way in increasing the drying and storage space in your small laundry room.


Shelves in unused corners

Adjustable shelving solutions are a must have for apartments and homes with limited space for laundry tasks. You may like to use up some empty corners to install more shelves for stacking away your utilities and clothes. With a host of shelving options available in both online and offline stores, you will not find it difficult to get the perfect shelves for your immediate and future needs. From storing detergents and lighter items to stacking all kinds of laundry supplies and ironed clothes, these shelves can hold it all – thereby offering you plenty of additional storage space.


Baskets provide good storage solutions too


If your shelves and racks are full and you still have more laundry mess to take care of then it would be a good idea to start looking around for nice colorful baskets to add to the designated space. Use storage containers, jars and baskets to keep your laundry supplies well-arranged and out of your way. How about adding your vintage finds, old apothecary jars, discarded vases and neat-looking candy jars to store more stuff? While including baskets and jars of a single type can make your laundry room look appealing and neat, a mix of attractive bins and baskets would give vent to your creativity and innovative storage ideas.


Whether you have a small or big space allocated as your laundry area, you would love to include some of these 101 incredible laundry room ideas in your home. Go for the ones that align with your tastes to perfection.

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