Handy Tips For Outdoor Fountains


Garden fountains are just breathtaking. Having one in your backyard, or donating one to someone you love and cherish brings joy, happiness, and some sense of relaxation for just looking at them. With many types of fountains to choose from, picking the best one for your garden can be quite a challenge. Whatever your choice is, you can make the fountain even more beautiful and adorable with these four tips.


1. Cast Stone for Outdoor Fountains


Cast stone has long used for architectural and ornamental purposes for centuries. Using cast stone for outdoor fountains helps bring in a more natural scenery and attractiveness. In addition to this, cast stone fountains tend to last longer and come in various color variations and themes. Unlike the modern lightweight fiberglass fountain, cast stone isn’t affected by weather neither does it change color after some time. Fiberglass may at times chip off making it lose its original beauty and glamor.


One of the added advantages of cast stone fountains is that they last for generations. We have received numerous calls from customers who have inherited cast stone fountains from their parents, most of which are still beautiful and in great shape. In addition to its longevity, you can have a cast stone garden fountain handcrafted to your specific needs. You also get to choose the color variations, design, and features that the fountain should have. This gives you more sophisticated options than fiberglass does.


A bit of planning and option-evaluation is needed when shopping for an outdoor fountain. Fiberglass fountains are best suited for those in need of flexibility and mobility. Cast stone outdoor fountains, on the other hand, are meant to be installed in one place for they are much heavier, though last much longer while maintaining the original beauty and radiance. Whatever your preferences are, you can choose from the various types of fountains available in our store.


2. Add Plants And Flowers To The Garden Fountain

Most, if not all, outdoor fountains have cement, gray, or stone color. These colors tend to match the yard or a home theme beautifully. Nevertheless, adding some detail to the fountain, such as beautiful flowers and plants can, however, help give it a more natural look and feel. The green and flowery effect produces a more real-life like feature that makes the surrounding area tranquil. Some water insects and birds will also add some flavor to it too. You could include herb seeds, vegetables, and various types of flowers to give the fountain an accent. For advice and help on the same, visit the Thomson & Morgan website.


3. Choose Between Lightweight And Stone Garden Fountains

Determining the right fountain for your garden can be quite challenging. While the lightweight fiberglass fountain is easier to manage, clean, and move, they cannot outlast cast stone fountains. Cast stone fountains, on the other hand, are not only beautiful and sustainable but heavier and harder to manage. Engineers have however been making outstanding discoveries on how to make lightweight fountains such as these wall fountains from Outdoor Fountain Pros more durable and have the stone-like feel and texture. Nonetheless, cast stone fountains make the perfect choice for permanent spots such as larger lobbies, courtyards, business gardens, and even the driveway garden. Lightweight fountains come in perfectly in patios, decks, and landscaped areas around private gardens and the home. It would be wise to consider your options before going for either of the two.


4. Inspirational Rock Garden Fountain Stones

Finding the perfect gift for someone who seems to have everything he/she needs can be daunting. Nonetheless, everyone has a personal attachment to something. Passions, love, attributes, and strength all define who we are. Having a personalized but inspirational rock garden fountain for someone is one of the greatest gifts you can give him/her. The rock garden stones can be polished or engraved with stock words such as love, live, forgive, or any other word that inspires them. You, however, should choose words that have meanings to you, or the person the fountain is intended for.


Garden fountain stones come to a great, medium, and small sizes. Larger stones are best suited for personalized messages and can be mixed with smaller ones as well. You could also choose smaller polished stones that can be arranged to form a word or something you adore. The beauty of having an inspirational rock garden fountain is that the stones can be placed inside, or just around the backyard. Some creativity is however needed to bring out the best out of it.


Outdoor fountains are slowly becoming popular in many homes today. Businesses too can take advantage of these pieces of art to make their yards even more beautiful. Fountains bring in the sense of nature and well-being especially when coupled with plants and flowers. They can be used as gifts or for inspiration at home too. Most people find peace just staring at the water dripping life. Whatever your choice it, make the most out of the fountain by making it more beautiful and meaningful.

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