Buying Barbecue Grills for Home? The Ultimate Guide is Here


When you buy your barbecue grill, one of the things you need to understand about it is its BTU (British Thermal Units), which represents the heating capacity of the grill. Learning how to judge, control, and manipulate the heating will ensure that you quickly become a master of grilling perfect, mouthwatering meat dishes. And below, we list out five things you must know about barbecue grills and BTU.

The BTU Figure 

As far as the BTU figure is concerned, the sweet spot is around 100 BTU per square inch. And as long as you can get this level of consistent heating, all your meats will be cooked to perfection.  Now, you can also do with about 80 to 100 BTUs if the grill is a close fit. And if you own an infrared grill, you can lower the BTUs even further since they are more efficient than other types of grills. In fact, if you can get a BTU of around 60 to 80 per square inch, your infrared grill will serve you just fine.


The weight of the grill also contributes to its BTU. If your grill is made up of lightweight components, then it needs a higher BTU. Only then will sufficient heat be generated to cook the meat properly. In contrast, if the grill you buy has heavy components, then it will hold up the heat much better. As such, these grills only require lesser BTUs, but will still end up cooking the meats perfectly.

Overclock Charcoal Grills 

If you are using a charcoal grill, then you can easily control the BTU using two things – charcoal and air. As far as possible, use lump charcoal since it gives off more heat than other types. In addition, it can also provide more flavors to the meat. And make sure that your flame gets all the oxygen it can. This will ensure that it burns with full force, and you get the perfect blue flame that will cook your meat thoroughly. You can also direct a blower to the flame to increase the airflow.


You should also make sure that the grill you buy has vents. With these models, you can use the vents to let in a specific amount of air into the grill. This will allow you to heat up the grill to your desired temperature.

Insulate The Grill 

And if you need to make your grill hotter, consider insulating it with aluminum foil. Just place the foil in the insides of the grill, and this will ensure that maximum heat is maintained within it. Plus, you can also avoid charring meat to a good degree.

Also keep in mind that if the burner is damaged, then the grill will heat up less efficiently, which in turn will affect the quality of the grilled meat, As such, make sure to contact a good grill repair service like Grill Tanks Plus. The technicians at understand the importance of proper BBQ grill maintenance and will ensure that it is repaired quickly.

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