A Closer Look At The Benefits Of Water Fountains


Have you noticed how popular fountains have become over the past decade? Today, they are available in a wide range of styles, shapes, color for both the indoors and outdoors. You will find fountains in hospitals to calm patients, on office desks, in corporate offices, and a wide range of places. Outdoor fountains can be spotted in parks, playgrounds, and housing developments. You will even see many cities placing fountains near high-traffic destinations in an attempt to calm motorists.

Why Are Water Fountains So Popular?

It is no secret that life is becoming more difficult and stressful. However, studies have shown that there is no sound more soothing than that of trickling water. A fountain allows you to imagine yourself near a quiet creek, a mountain lake, or even the mighty ocean. Close your eyes and the let the sound of the water take you away as the

One of the top questions about fountains is how to know if it is going to be too loud or too quiet. This is a question where only the person’s perception will be able to answer it. Typically, the loudness of a water fountain is determined by the materials of the fountain, its size, and shape, as well as how high of a distance the water is falling.

Another issue that one must consider will be the amount of noise that surrounds the fountain. Is it going to be located in a busy room, quiet room, or outdoors? All of these elements will have a certain effect on the acoustical sound of the fountain. Consider the sounds that you are trying to mask and decide if the fountain you are considering will be able to do so. Keep these criteria in mind as you look through fountains for your particular needs. If you want to take a look at waterfalls, Luxewaterwalls.com have a fabulous selection.

One of the first times I came across fountains was at a small tabletop booth in New York City. Every single day I would pass by those fountains just as so many others who were getting off the subway, yet no one stopped to look at them. However, I did notice people would slow down; it was the effect of the water that made these New Yorkers slow down for just a brief moment. It was amazing just to see all of these city people instantly relax at the sound of these fountains.

As you can see, it is easy to see why fountains are placed in so many town squares. It has to do with that magical calming effect that water has on the human soul. I would be curious to know what would happen to the crime rate if more fountains were placed around the country.

Also, there are the health benefits associated with fountains. A fountain will send water into the air which adds the right level of humidity to a room, helping to nurture the skin. Negative ions are also produced by falling water, which in and of itself helps to clean the air

 And calm the soul. Water fountains have that same effect, only on a smaller scale. Regardless, a water fountain near your home or office will change your outlook on life.

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