5 Signs That Your AC Needs Immediate Repair


Having the air conditioner function properly is essential for a comfortable home. But as with any other appliance, air conditioners can also break down due to various reasons, which can go on to disturb your daily life. As such, keep the following five points in mind and you will be able to identify potential malfunctions well before they happen, enabling you to take corrective measures without disturbing your comfortable life.

Problems with Thermostat

In an air conditioning unit, the thermostat is the component that controls how much a room should be cooled. It will constantly check the temperature of the room. If the temperatures go below the desired level, then the thermostat will send a signal to the air conditioner asking it to pump in more cool air. But if the thermostat malfunctions, then the process will be disrupted. As such, when you feel that the room has not been properly cooled, then it is an indication that the thermostat might be malfunctioning and needs a quick repair.

Air Flow Issues 

Sometimes, you will notice that the AC vents are not outputting too much air. And that is definitely a cause for concern. Normally, this will indicate a problem with the compressor. So, check it to see whether it is malfunctioning or not. Also, inspect the vents to ensure that no debris is blocking it. Ideally, you should clean the air ducts regularly. This will avoid any airflow problems resulting from dirty and blocked ducts.


If you sense a pungent or foul smell from the air conditioner, it indicates that the equipment’s wire insulation has burnt out. Hire a service offering AC repair in Savannah and get the issue solved out as soon as possible. Do not continue using it even with the smell since it can go on to cause further damage to the AC. And in case you sense a musty smell coming from the air conditioner, then that is definitely an indication of mold. So, clean up the mold from the unit and you will avoid worsening the situation.


If you see moisture leaking from the AC unit, then that too is a warning sign of an internal problem in the equipment. Generally, the moisture is formed because the refrigerant inside the air conditioner starts leaking. This will disrupt the conversion of warm air into cold air, which eventually leads to the formation of water inside the unit. You must clear out this water and get the refrigerant leak fixed. Else, other components of the air conditioner might get damaged.

Weird Sounds 

Air conditioners are usually quite when running. As such, if you start hearing some squealing or grinding sound from the unit, you should not dismiss it. Instead, focus on the sound and check where it is coming from. In all probability, some components inside the unit have broken down, which is why the squealing noises are occurring. So, get the faulty components repaired before you decide to continue using the air conditioner.

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