5 Signs That Indicate That You Need To Replace Or Repair Your Roof


Many people rarely give the proper care to their home’s roof as much as they care for the rooms and the surrounding landscape. As a result, your roof may need repairs or may even need a full replacement. Below, we look at five signs that can warn you as to whether it is time to replace or repair the roof of your house.




Check the age of your roof. How long has it been since you installed it? If it has been around 20 years or so, then it might be time to replace it with a new roof since that pretty much the average age of a roof. If you don’t know the age, consult a professional roofing service like Happy Roof, and they will easily be able to help you find an approximate age of the roof.


Water Leaks


If the roof holds water for long periods of time, then there is a chance that it can sag. The excess moisture on the surface of the roof can also make it weak. The moisture can grow quickly and affect a large area of the roof. Get it repaired immediately once you see it. More importantly, check for the reason as to why moisture is affecting the roof. For example, if it is a broken pipe, then repairing it should avoid any further moisture problems.


Light Streak


If you see light streaks passing through the roof, then it clearly is an indication that you need to inspect it immediately. Find the damaged areas and get it repaired soon. If you leave it as it is, then you may well be facing water issues in the future.


Shingle Issues


Look at the shingles of your roof, especially the slopes which receive direct sunlight. If they are buckling or curled, then it is an indication that the shingles might be at the end of their expected life. If the shingles are losing granules, that too is a problem which needs to be addressed. You can check the gutters to see if they have a large number of shingle granules in them or not. If so, then it can be a signal that your roof needs to be replaced since roofs are known to lose granules during the last legs of their life expectancy. Plus, also ensure that all the shingle ‘tabs’ are in their correct position and have not been altered.


Chimney Flashing


You should check the chimney for any signs of wear and tear. If the flashing was made from tar or cement, then there is a chance that it might have started breaking down due to its long existence. As such, you will need to install a metal flashing.

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