5 Reasons To Clean Your Gutters

Man Clearing Leaves From Guttering Of House

Leaves, Twigs, and Other Debris Build Up Over Time

Recommended that you clean your gutters at least twice a year to get rid of the dirt, twigs, and other debris that can clog them. Unchecked, gutters become harder to clean, as leaves, twigs, and dirt become dense over time.

You’ll ultimately want to drive water away from your home to create water and moisture related damage to your home’s exterior. The more you wait, the harder your gutters will be to clean. If you decide to enlist professionals to clean your gutters, it’ll be a more expensive job if you wait until debris builds up. Moreover, heavy build-up can damage and break your gutters. Broken, dirty gutters are also unsightly, and can decrease the value your home.


Standing water is the perfect breeding ground for vermin like mosquitos. As gutters begin to clog, standing water rises to the top, and wooden foundations touched with water become moist. Moisture that reaches the foundation of the house softens wood around the home, which makes it easier for termites to eat through. If termites are allowed to eat through the wood in this way, the damages are expensive and irreversible. Gutters should check for other insects such as ants, wasps, or bees nesting in them. Call an exterminator if you see this in or around your home.

Gutters Can Break If They Are Full

If leaves, twigs, dirt, and other debris will collect inside your gutters and become too heavy for your gutters to hold. This can result in your gutters breaking or cracking. If your gutters are broken, they will not be able to work effectively which can cause water damage to your home. Also, hanging gutters are a safety hazard to pets or people walking below.

Clogged Gutters Can Damage Your Home Interior

Because gutter leads water away from home, full gutters can keep the water close to the home, and also the extra water can come through the home, causing leaking ceilings, which can lead to damaged floors. If water continues to come from the ceiling, mold and watermarks may occur. Spreading mold leads to allergies and sickness. Also, the decaying interior can be a hard fix- if left unchecked can lead to wall replacements or ceiling replacements, which are costly.

Taking the time to unclog your gutters can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in damages. You can collect the debris on your own with a ladder, gloves and a trash bag. If you don’t feel comfortable cleaning your gutters, or if

You are not physically able to, call a professional. If you’re not sure if you need to replace your gutters, ask a professional opinion if they are too dirty or too damaged to be cleaned.

Invest in your gutters. Doing so protects the overall health of your home.

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