4 Reasons Why You Should Apply Plaster To The Walls


Plastering has been one of the most preferred ways to add finish to the interior walls for a long time. And though its popularity declined in the past few decades, plastering is making a comeback in a big way, mainly due to the numerous advantages it offers.  And below, we look at four such benefits that makes plastering an attractive choice.


Highly Durable


Plastering the wall makes it far more durable than leaving the wall as it is. In fact, the walls become more resistant to dents and knocks if it has a plaster coating. The reason for this added strength is in the fact that when water escapes from the plaster mixture into the walls, a chemical reaction takes place which makes the walls very strong. You can also increase the durability by making sure that you only use a metal backing behind the plaster. While a wooden backing was traditionally used in earlier times, the adoption of metal backing has been proven to increase the strength of the wall.


Design Advantage


Plaster offers an infinite design opportunity. You can create whatever design element you wish with plaster, the only limitation being the imagination. You can use plaster in architectural columns, archways, ceilings and so on. And it is this design advantage that has had a strong influence on modern interior designers, driving them to adopt the material for use in the interiors. Plaster can also be easily cast into various shapes and design components.


Quick Installation


If you are looking for a quick way to strengthen your wall, then plastering it is the best option. While a dry wall needs to have the first coat completely dried out before applying the second coat, plastering does not have this disadvantage. You can easily apply the second coat of plaster over the previous coating while it is still wet. This essentially means that the coating process will finish faster when using plastering. Plastering also does not require any kind of sanding, and this also contributes to its faster installation. Plus, the plastering process also generates the least amount of dust. But in a drywall procedure, large amounts of dust are generated.


Noise Absorption


If you want the rooms to be sufficiently sound proof, then plastering it is the way to go forward. Plaster has the ability to absorb more noise when compared to a drywall. You can easily notice the difference when you switch between a room with a drywall and another with a plaster. And consider using lime plaster since they are denser than other types. Plus, lime plaster is also known to be slower at spreading fires than a drywall, thanks to its carbonated lime component.


In light of the above benefits, using plaster in your home should look like the right decision to make. And in order to get the best results, it is highly recommended that you only use the best plastering materials and tools. Check out www.plasterers1stopshop.co.uk, and you will definitely find top notch plastering products which are both easy to use and delivers the professional quality you are looking for.

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