4 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying A Home For The First Time


First time home buyers have to be pretty careful when looking for a home to invest in Lake Keowee. Without gaining sufficient knowledge about the property, you might end up with money tied up in a sinking investment. To help you avoid such a possibility, we look at the four things everyone who buys their first home should know about.


Be Clear On What You Can Afford


You must have a clear understanding of what properties you can afford in the Lake Keowee real estate market. Check your finances and estimate how much money you can spend each month on mortgage payments. For example, if you make $2000 per month, and you have expenses amounting to $1500, then $500 is the maximum amount you can spend for the mortgage every month. As such, you can now easily avoid any property which may require you to pay above $500 in monthly mortgage payments.


Extra Expenses


Make sure that you are taking the final cost of acquisition in consideration instead of the property price alone when checking the finances. The final acquisition cost will include expenses like insurance, property taxes and so on. Some first time buyers only plan their finances depending on the price of a property. And later on, when these additional expenses pop up, they find it difficult to arrange the money required to pay them. So, don’t make that mistake. Save yourself from unnecessary stress by looking into all expenses associated with a home purchase.


Upcoming Changes


Make sure that you research into the upcoming changes in the locality and how it will affect the price of the property in the future. This will tell you whether the property you are buying will be a good investment or not. For example, if you foresee a huge shopping mall coming close to the home you are interested in, you might project that the property’s price might increase by about 50%. As such, you will have a better understanding of whether a property is worth investing your money or not.


Don’t Be Too Picky


You may have an idea of the type of home you wish to purchase, like its size, location, price etc. But don’t get too attached to them that you remain inflexible to your demands. Remember that in life, there are some things you can’t get. This is also true in the case of real estate. Don’t be an absolutist and reject every single property just because they don’t meet all your criteria. Try to adjust and accept properties which may not have one or two of your preferred features.  If you get too picky, you might lose out on acquiring excellent properties.


So, keep the above points in mind when looking to buy your first home, and you will surely avoid a lot of mistakes which newbies usually make in their first property investment.

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